Oakwoode trading s.r.l is a family business with more than 15 years of experience in high quality European timber production and exporting. Our main production facilities are located in Romania and Croatia. We produce and export high quality Beech timber, European white Oak, European Ash, and Spruce timber. Our timber is produced from the best logs from Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia. Our shipping is worldwide, wherever you are, our team will make sure your products arrive on time and with the quality promised.


  • We produce and export high quality European Timber, Specialized in Beech, Oak, Ash and Spruce.
  • We Supply to Middle east like Egypt, Saudi Arabia; Far east like China, India, Pakistan and all over Europe.
  • Providing high quality Timber, accurate measurements, and on time delivery makes us always ahead from our competitors.


oakwoode export and shipping services

Oakwoode Trading S.R.L started first as Oakwoode UK Limited in 2003 as a commodity trading house and in 2007 we established Oakwoode Trading S.R.L in Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania specialized in high quality Timber. in 2012 we added “Fine Forest & Timber S.R.L” to expand our production line in Romania and in 2017 we established our representation in Zagreb, Croatia. We currently operate from Zagreb, Croatia and Focsani, Vrancea, Romania; being in the heart of Europe gives us the privilege of Shipping through different Harbors. in addition to supplying to Middle East, Far East and All Europe, we also provide production/cutting service through our facility in Romania and exporting service to all kind of Timber products. Our finest asset is man power, Being a family business for more than 15 years, Our experience has been shared and developed through every generation. We believe in team work and organization which help us give priority to every client at the same time, assuring the best quality and on time delivery.

oakwoode export and shipping services


Oakwoode trading S.R.L is committed to provide high quality timber while establishing a relationship with its clients; making sure they are satisfied by providing accurate measurements, delivery time and after sale follow up.


The forefront of the Wood exporting companies in Europe by creating a work environment that keeps our employees motivated, valued, challenged and passionate